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Big Deal in Business World

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Beside to your Paypal you would be interesting to the follow E-Wallet.

Neteller Wallet

How does it work?

Neteller has been in the business of online payments for over a decade and they offer a number of flexible elements which make the use of the eWallet simpler, faster and more efficient. Neteller works much like other eWallets on the web allowing you to register an account using their secure server and then deposit money into the account using a credit or debit card. Once your account is set up and you’ve deposited funds you can use it to securely pay for services and goods on the net or to play casino online.
The Neteller service is free and once you’ve set up your online payment account, and verified it, you’ll be able to control your expenditure in a safe and secure way online. The service is absolutely free to set up and the fees for usage are incredibly low.
A Neteller account will allow you to:
  • Cash out on Neteller Online Casinos
  •  Deposit on Neteller Online Casinos
  •  Buy products, serves and goods at Neteller using sites
  •  Transfer money between accounts
You’ll also be able to investigate options including Prepaid MasterCards and a host of flexible options for managing your funds.
 What are the advantages for me?
Neteller is well known online for its strong dedication to security and online fraud protection services.  One of the biggest advantages of using the payment provider is that you’ll never have to use your personal financial details online as you’ll only ever need your Neteller account information and password. This is doubly good as it means that not only will you be protected from online fraud but online casinos will also not be given access to your details.  Majority of us we still don’t feel 100% safe buying stuff online or using our credit card details so Neteller is a great method while play casino online. Additionally, should you not want purchases to appear on your bank statement, the Neteller eWallet is the perfect vehicle for financial discretion.
The site operates stringent online fraud prevention measures including state of the art 128-bit digital encryption technology, verification and real time transaction monitoring to give users complete peace of mind that all purchases and transactions and completely safe and secure.
Transfer Your Money to Paypal and From Paypal

Neteller Provided you tow options for credit cards and you can use both.
Virtual Card : this card you can use it purchase online and you can add it to Paypal so you  can transfer money to and from Paypal to Neteller.
You can order a physical card to be shipped to your address if you wan it to use in your local ATM point.


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