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Gmail is updating the DMARC Policy

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Gmail updated the DMARC Policy
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Becca here from the Deliver-ability Team at IT4Host Email Marketing (GEM). Gmail has announced some upcoming changes to their DMARC policy, and because you’ve used an “from” address before, this new policy may affect you directly.
What exactly is happening?
In June, Gmail will update their DMARC policy to p=reject, which means that any mail sent through a third party with a Gmail “from” address will be rejected (bounced) by most receiving domains.
While this is being done in an effort to stop spammers from spoofing email addresses, it has the unfortunate side-effect of getting in the way of totally legitimate senders like you, and legitimate third-party services like GEM.
How does this affect me?

Once this goes into effect, any mail sent through a third party (like GEM) with a Gmail “from” address is likely to result in serious delivery problems, like high bounces.

So, what do I need to do?
One option is to grab a new free email address from another provider (like Outlook or
However, lately there’s been a bit of a sea change, and many free email services (like Yahoo, AOL, and have already started taking these same steps.
Your best bet here is to set up an email address at your own private domain. If you don’t have your own domain yet, you can check domain availability here.
Having your own domain is a great idea in and of itself, too! It allows your business to have its own unique identity, makes it easier for folks to find your organization in online searches, and helps your mail deliver safely and efficiently.

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