Exploit the Power Of One Drive For Business

How you can exploit the power of one drive for business

Backup data storage has been the thing in the current business world. Many computer devices are enabled with additional memory backups to be able to tap into the need for bigger spaces when it comes to the storage of data.

The competition by the computer hardware companies has not left out the key players in the software and cloud. The coming up of drive based devices which exploit the cloud to store data is gaining momentum.

Google Drive, which Google owns and one drive owned by Microsoft are some of the many strategies that show how the cloud storage have taken root. The one drive for business, for instance is one of the primary drivers of business data storage for those using the Microsoft applications due to its uniqueness and security.

The one drive for business as a part of Office 365 is an essential element in enabling the sharing, syncing and even storage of files in the cloud. Because cloud allows for sharing, any device which has the drive can share files across to the others with the drive.

However, it is notable that one drive for business works differently from the one drive which is also offered by Microsoft. The former is solely intended for use in business circles as a storage mechanism.

How to upload a link to one drive for business on desktop app

how to upload the files

Sharing files may be done through the get a link tab which is common with most 365 files and folders. File sharing between one drive for business or files within one drive requires some levels of preparation.

It is important is to enable external sharing on the site you are working on and from the Microsoft or Outlook site library of one drive for business, select a file you want to share and highlight before selecting get a link and sharing the file by clicking share on the settings tab.

The file sharing process

As long as one has Microsoft or Outlook accounts, these are usually available. However, you need to first of all sync the drives to the computer and then copy or just drag any file into the drive before syncing the copied files with the drive.

It is worth noting that file sharing with one drive for business may at times involve guests who log into your site system. You may need to enable guest access to the files for ease of sharing. Clicking on no sign in that at times is required on the one drive for business usually allows people who are not part of your group to have the ability to get access to the files, view and edit files.

Additionally, remote fetching of records using the one drive for business is also possible using the settings tab.

The app login process using  Office 365 accounts

Image result for one drive office 365 login


Because the information sharing within the 365 drive accounts need to be confidential, it is the requirement to have users log in.

The following process may be required during login;

  1. From the Microsoft browser, download and install the one drive for a business app.
  2. Connect the PC to the internet.
  3. Use the Microsoft browser to open the one drive by entering the word one drive.
  4. Create an account within the Microsoft account menu by selecting a username and a password as required.
  5. Log into the one drive for the business account and synchronize into your browser.



Your businesses need better information and file storage, collaboration and sharing mechanism, which has been seen to be better done through the one drive for the business app. trusting the cloud storage for its safety and the belief that it can’t lose data efficiently is what is encouraged.


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