European Union calls for an explanation of Microsoft’s Windows 10 privacy

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Still Windows 10 raises the European Commission concerns especially as he works on data about users activities to collect and use it to improve the experience of use, and this data errors and software problems, and the system in general and sent to Microsoft in order to be considered and addressed and work on the updates fix it.

And despite the fact that Microsoft clarify these points the past year and work on also improvements to its system, the data protection authorities in the European Union consider that the company has gathered many data on users and illustrate the fact how to collect and where to go and whether remain in their servers too long or they are deleted continuously and why is collected and are their goals?

The committee called in a letter sent last month and published during the past few hours the company to clarify these points in a simple and transparency at this point. Otherwise, the approval of the conditions of use of the system is valid and this may push delegated to punish the company in several possible ways.

And managed many European countries during the last period to force the Visayas Facebook is also on the separation of WhatsApp for the world’s largest social network and undo the exchange of data, which announced over the past months, this after a strong conflict in the European courts, which sided with the privacy and concerns of the citizens in this countries, and it is unlikely in the case of Microsoft’s failed to reach an understanding with the European courts to punish or impose strict conditions.

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